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Ideas & Solutions offers best-in-class solutions to make new medicines and medical devices more accessible

Value assessment, pricing and funding policies

Health care innovation is constant, budget constraints are permanent, and health care systems are intrinsically rigid. Innovative and viable policy solutions are required by all stakeholders to address these challenges and find working solutions to ensure timely patient access to new technologies. We have a robust and proven track record in developing policy frameworks for the value assessment, pricing and funding of gene therapies, ultra-orphan drugs, oncology medicines and vaccines.

HTA system design and trainings

We are thought leaders in global HTA systems, with dozens of project and training references. We are proud to have supported policymakers across Central Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa in conceptualizing HTA frameworks and methods. Throughout our HTA system design activities, we understand that these systems must be embedded into local socio-economic contexts which may largely differ from countries with established HTA systems.

Market access strategies, managed entry agreements (MEAs) and contracting models

We develop comprehensive market access strategies at regional and national level for innovative medicines and medical devices. We make recommendations for optimal sources of funding, patient and prescriber eligibility criteria, prescription guidelines, allowable prices and managed entry agreements (MEAs). Building on payer-side experience, we design cost-sharing and risk-sharing contracts for complex products (e.g. gene therapies, combination oncology) in complex stakeholder environments.

Health economics

We develop early HTA advice briefing documents, economic disease burden analyses and budget impact models for several European and Middle Eastern markets. In every year, we prepare on average 30-40 reimbursement dossiers for Central European countries, including clinical summaries and the adaptation of cost-effectiveness models.

Payer communication and negotiation trainings

We are delighted to share our payer experience through mock negotiation sessions and have successfully applied our own Payer Personality Profiling model at dozens of on-site and off-site trainings across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our trainings can be a core element in pre-launch market access preparations, before ‘real-world’ payer negotiations and coupled with action planning workshops.

Pricing & reimbursement (P&R) landscaping analyses

We support our clients’ pre-launch activities with detailed pricing & reimbursement landscaping analyses across all geographies that we serve. We conduct secondary (desk) research as well as primary research (interview) programmes with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and payer experts. Our research projects are typically complemented by options analyses and come up with strategic recommendations.

Our projects vary in size from very large to small, fitting different client requirements, time horizons and financial budgets.

We conduct projects in English, German, Russian, French and Spanish languages.

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