Ideas & Solutions is proud to work with the leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world. Our partners also include clinical associations, patient advocacy groups and pharmaceutical industry associations.

Our Clients


Some of our exciting projects over the past couple of years have included:

  • Development of early HTA briefing pack for a novel vaccine, organisation and facilitation of a European payer expert advisory board
  • Development of policy recommendations for the value assessment, pricing and funding of combination therapies in oncology in Europe
  • Development of a playbook for innovating contracting in selected global markets for a leading pharmaceutical company
  • Research on insurance-based and subscription-based payment models in health care
  • Mapping of cross-border patient referral processes for gene therapy in European countries
  • Development and delivery of a health economics and health technology assessment (HTA) webinar programme
  • Development and delivery of a HTA training course for government officials and public health experts in two large Middle Eastern countries
  • Development of an e-learning package on pragmatic approaches to health technology assessment (HTA)
  • Health economics and reimbursement policy training programme for patient advocates in Central European countries
  • Launch sequence analysis and recommendations for ophthalmology medicines
  • Clinical and market access landscaping analysis for novel orphan and ultra-orphan medicines in Central and Eastern Europe, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia
  • Analysis of the impact of HTA regulations on access to novel oncology medicines in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Implementation of a global capability development programme in managed entry agreements and affordability schemes
  • Development of a multi-winner public procurement (tendering) framework for biological medicines
  • Payer validation of the global value dossier (GVD) for a monoclonal antibody in a gastroenterology indication
  • Development of a payer value message document for a novel cardiovascular medicine
  • Price erosion analysis for hematology medicines in Central Europe


Below is a list of selected publications authored or co-authored by Ideas & Solutions team members:

  • Challenges in the Value Assessment, Pricing, and Funding of Targeted Combination Therapies in Oncology. Health Policy, Vol. 123., No. 12. (Dávid Dankó).
  • Multiple-criteria assessment of patient access in hematology in Central Eastern Europe. European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare, Vol 7., Issue 4. (Nóra Páll-Czippán, Márk Molnár, Dávid Dankó)
  • Balanced assessment systems revisited. Journal of Market Access and Health Policy, Vol.5., No.1. (Márk Molnár, Dávid Dankó)
  • HTA system design in countries newly implementing HTA – recommendations for Russia and Eurasian Economic Union member states. Medical Technologies – Assessment and Choice, Vol.28., No.2. (Dávid Dankó, in Russian)
  • The implementation of managed entry agreements in Central and Eastern Europe: Findings and implications. Pharmacoeconomics, Vol.35., No.12. (Dávid Dankó)
  • The value of innovation in decision-making in health care in Central Eastern Europe. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, Vol.17., No.6. (Dávid Dankó).
  • Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Guidelines for India. ISPOR PE Guidelines, March 2016 (Dávid Dankó).
  • Health technology assessment in the Balkans: opportunities for a balanced drug assessment system. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, Vol.28., No.6., December 2014 (Dávid Dankó)
  • Comparison of NITAG policies and working processes in selected developed countries. Vaccines, September 2014 (Dávid Dankó)
  • Health technology assessment in middle-income countries: recommendations for a balanced assessment system. Journal of Market Access and Health Policy, March 2014. (Dávid Dankó, Márk Molnár)
  • Pharmaceutical Reimbursement). University textbook, Medicina, 2013 (Dávid Dankó, Márk Molnár).
  • Special issues of public financing of narrow therapeutic index drugs. Journal of Hungarian Interdisciplinary Medicine, Vol.11., No.1., February 2012 (Dávid Dankó, Zoltán Mór)
  • Socio-economic risks of untreated childhood ADHD. Journal of Hungarian Interdisciplinary Medicine, Vol.10., No.10., January 2012 (Dávid Dankó, Mór Zoltán)
  • Experiences of the treatment of lower urinary tract syndrome caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in Hungary. Journal of Hungarian Interdisciplinary Medicine, Vol.14., No.9., November 2015 (Zoltán Mór, Nóra Páll-Czippán)
  • Analysis of social and economic burdens caused by multiple sclerosis in an international and domestic context. Journal of Hungarian Interdisciplinary Medicine, Vol.16., No.8., September 2017 (Zoltán Mór, Balázs Gáti)
  • Analysis of patient safety risk of diagnostic contrast agents based on international and domestic practices. Report on Doctors Further Education, Vol.21., No.6., July 2014 (Zoltán Mór, Nóra Páll-Czippán)
  • Individual and socio-economic burden caused by major depressive disorder – Public policy analysis. Psychiatria Hungarica, Vol.36., No.1., July 2021 (Zoltán Mór, Balázs Gáti)
  • Challenges in the treatment of LUTS / BPH. Journal of the Society of Hungarian Urologists, Vol.27., No.3., April 2015 (Zoltán Mór)
  • Ten years of experience in the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer in Hungary. Medical Online, December 2016 (Zoltán Mór)

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